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"Discover the secrets to finding clarity, activate your intuition, and tune into the infinite wisdom and divine guidance within"

Why Tarot?

Self Care

When incorporating Tarot into a daily ritual of reflection and introspection. you are carving out time for yourself to acknowledge and validate your own emotions and experiences. This is where true healing begins.

Gain Clarity

Tarot is a tool that helps you tap into your own subconcious for guidance and boost your intuition. Like advice from a trusted friend, Tarot is a source for solid advice you can turn to whenever you need.

Promote Growth

Tarot will prompt you to look at situations from different angles so you can see things you may have previously resisted. A fresh perspective will empower you to break free from old patterns and promote positve life altering changes.

FREE Guide - Learn To Read Tarot

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Hey there, I'm Barbara

Little Sage Tarot was born out of a desire to share my passion for Tarot with others. Tarot has changed my life in profound ways, and I want that for you too.

I believe Tarot has incredible benefits for self development and its guidance should be accessible to all.

My mission is to demystify this age old card reading technique with tools designed to make it simple and fun for everyday people like me to learn Tarot.

♡ Customer Love ♡


This is gorgeous to be quite honest. It’s also so practical, like what I never knew I needed. It’s perfect. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to develop a methodology for learning to read tarot cards. I’m in grad school and have a lot on my plate and would never get motivated at the thought of organizing or compiling something like this. This really inspired me to treat it like a college course for personal/spiritual development. I get great messages from my tarot deck but I haven’t memorized general meanings. Thank you for making this available. Best wishes.



I am so happy with my purchase! I come back to a tarot journal every year and this one is the best yet.

_Kat A.


Definitely loving the tarot journal so far and can't wait to get real use out of it in the coming year and beyond.



Really helpful in trying to understand the meaning behind the cards.



I love my purchase! I enjoy taking notes even more.



Amazing quality. love the lay out and desgin. the hints on the cards are really helping me thank you.