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Struggling to remember the card meanings?

Get answers and clarity now with these easy to read cards!

Antique Tarot Cards With Keywords

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Our Tarot decks are perfect for beginners!

Even someone who has never read Tarot before can start doing readings right away without any previous experience, and without needing to fumble around with books or websites researching meanings.

Even experienced readers enjoy the convenience of having keywords on these clever cards.

✦ 70 x 120mm (approx 2.75 x 4.75")

✦ Matte finish

✦ 78 cards includes all the Major & Minor Arcana

✦ Traditional Rider-Waite images

✦ Keywords for upright and reverse meanings printed on each card

✦ No guidebook needed!

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Constantly looking up card meanings during your readings slows you down. These cards allow your intuition to really shine through for accurate readings that flow so much easier!

These cards are perfect for...


New readers can start reading and get answers right away! Even if you have no previous experience you can read these cards.


Beginners and experienced readers will be able to read Tarot quicker and more intuitively. No more drawing blanks when you pull a card wondering what it means.


Anyone interested in reading Tarot cards without needing to reference books or websites to look up card meanings.

"The keyword hints on the cards are so clever and really help when trying to remember the meanings of the cards"


Wonderful cards!

The cards are made of good quality and are easy to manage. They are quite informative and actually are quite wonderful. I really like this deck!!



Beautiful Cards!

The antique look of these cards set them apart from anything else being offered! I really look forward to using them on a daily basis! Thank you Barbara!




These are amazing. Very happy I bought them. Very detailed, and beautiful.