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I’m pretty easy going and shy (until you get to know me). I try not to take life too seriously. I love to learn and am always striving to improve myself and inspire others. When I’m not reading Tarot, I’m just a regular mom and wife. I love being outside in nature especially during the summer, when I can kayak and spend my days barefoot. Little Sage Tarot was born out of a desire to share my passion with others.

I went through a spiritual awakening of sorts, like many others, after experiencing some trauma in my life. A Tarot reading, gifted by a friend, opened up so many doors to clarity and healing. This experience not only ignited my passion for Tarot, but also led me to develop my psychic and mediumship abilites through professional training and ongoing study. Now, as a professional intuitive and healer, my mission is to inspire and guide others on their unique path.


When I began learning Tarot I dove in head first and soaked up everything I could. I would attempt 10 card spreads and then research each card trying to understand my readings. Bits and pieces made sense but I still struggled to remember the individual meanings of the cards and tie them together in a way that was cohesive. I ended up making Tarot flashcards and used notebooks to log all of my readings and interpretations. I also made stickers to use with my homemade journals, because I am such a visual person I knew this would help me, and it did.

When I stopped doing lengthy readings and simply began to write down my experiences with 1 card each day, everything started to click! I was able to connect the cards to my personal day to day experiences.

I was also able to look back through my notebooks and see how incredibly accurate all of my readings were, even in the beginning when I had no clue what I was doing! The validation from seeing how far I'd come was a huge confidence builder for me, and kept the fire lit to keep going.

In my efforts to learn Tarot I discovered how transformative and healing it can be.

I love how Tarot acts as a catalyst, encouraging deeper exploration of our inner selves and fostering self-awareness.

Daily reflection and introspection helps us on so many levels. When used in this way, Tarot has the power to really help us identify and break free from old patterns that we've been stuck in and promote amazing life altering changes.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I am so passionate about Tarot and Tarot Journaling. I created the Little Sage Tarot journals to serve as a sacred space for your Tarot practice, with luxurious styling that you'll want to come back to everyday, while the Tarot cards with keywords make reading almost effortless.