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Master the cards faster and deeper by tracking your Tarot experiences

Create a 1 year record of your Tarot journey while strengthening your connection with the cards

The Ultimate Tarot Box

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Start your Tarot journey with all the right tools! Our bundle is designed to maximize your understanding and connection to the Tarot cards and contains a 1-year Tarot journal with stickers, set of Tarot cards with keywords, and additional Rider Waite Tarot stickers - everything you need to grow your Tarot practice!

This Ultimate Tarot Box Includes

1. Ultimate Annual Tarot Journal

2. Tarot Cards With Keywords

3. 20 Additional Pages of Rider-Waite mini Tarot stickers

✦ Tarot Journal

The Undated 1 Year Tarot Journal with Stickers is perfect for documenting your Tarot journey. The luxurious cover has gold foil detailing and gold corners for durability and elegance. The journal includes spaces for daily card pulls, monthly spreads, end of month & year reflection pages, and questions. The 5 pages of mini stickers include all of the Major & Minor Arcana cards in traditional Rider-Waite style.

✦ Tarot Cards With Keyword Meanings

Our Tarot cards with keywords are designed for beginners who want to start doing readings right away without the need for previous experience or fumbling around with books or websites. The 78-card deck includes all the Major & Minor Arcana cards in traditional Rider-Waite style, with keywords for upright and reverse meanings printed on each card. The cards are printed on high quality heavy cardstock with a matte finish, measuring about 2.75 x 4.75".

✦ Rider-Waite Mini Tarot Stickers

Rider Waite Tarot Stickers are perfect for journaling and logging your Tarot Readings! The set includes 20 pages, each measuring 7 x 9" and containing 42 stickers per page. The Minor Arcana includes 3 of each card per page, while the Major Arcana includes 2 of each card per page (except only 1 tower per page).

With this Tarot bundle, you'll have everything you need to begin your Tarot journey with confidence and ease.

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Log an entire year's worth of Tarot cards

Keep your Tarot practice organized all in once place with this easy to use planner style journal!

Why journaling?

Tarot is a wonderful tool for regular introspection, self-reflection, gaining clarity, and strengthening your intuition.

Tarot journaling helps you to master the Tarot card meanings quicker and more intuitively by linking the cards to your daily experiences

Beginners and experienced Tarot readers will deepen their connection with Tarot through journaling and find new and personal meanings for each card

"This journal is so beautiful, you'll want to carry it with you everywhere"

It compact yet comfortable size fits well in most tote bags so you can carry with you on-the-go if you choose!

Custom crafted to support you on your Tarot Journey

Learning Tarot can be overwehlming when you are just starting out. Our tools were developed to take the struggle out of it and help make learning Tarot easier and more intuitive.