Google Sheets Tarot Journal

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Keep track of your monthly, weekly, and daily tarot card pulls in this annual Google spreadsheet template. Easily access this sheet from all your devices through your Google account.

Includes 12 tabs for each month.




✦ 12 tabs for each month including January – December, keep a record all year long!

✦ Enter your dates at the beginning of each month and the spreadsheet will automatically populate the dates for the entire month ahead.

✦ Dropdown field featuring card Images for all 78 cards upright and reversed. Simply choose your daily card image from the dropdown field and the image will automatically populate giving you a visual aid for your tarot journal!

✦ Plenty of space to log your experiences each day, each week, and each month. Also includes a section where you can tally your weekly cards and make notes.


How to use


Once you order you will receive a link to the master Google spreadsheet where you can then save a copy on your own Google drive account where you can then access and start using the file.

If using a computer or laptop you can access the file from your google drive when you are signed into your google account. Bookmark the page for easy access.

For mobile devices (ipad or phone):

1.) Download the Google Drive or Google Sheets App

2.) Open the app and log into your Google account to access your file

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend editing the sample text only in this template. Do not delete, add, edit, or attempt to remove cells or sheets as this may affect the way the template works. I do not offer technical support after purchase.

Also, while this file may be exported and used in Microsoft Excel, it is not recommended as some formatting loss will occur and the dropdown fields with the images will no longer auto populate.